Grooming & Bathing

Treat your horse to a spa day. Horse grooming supplies help remove excess dirt and massage the horse’s muscles and skin in the process. Grooming a horse not only keeps its coat, mane, and tail clean, but it’s also an easy method for assessing the horse's overall health.
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Horses have a natural instinct for grooming themselves. While they know when to shake off dust, there are parts of their bodies they can’t reach and can only get so clean. This is where they need our help!

Just as you want to make sure your horse is properly fed, exercised, and stabled, regular grooming is essential to a horse’s overall health. Ideally, you should groom your horse daily and thoroughly, both before and after a ride.

Besides removing dust, dirt, and other grime, grooming tools help you spot cuts, bug bites, infections, or other red flags. Check the area around the saddle for debris that might chafe. Pay attention to the mane and tail, and make sure no foreign objects are lodged in between the strands. For that occasional deep clean, you can shampoo and condition your horse’s coat, mane, and tail.

More than anything else, a grooming session brings you close to your horse. Pampering your equine companion with a thorough grooming will give you time together, and make both of you feel great.

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