Halters & Leads

Horse halters and horse leads are fundamental pieces of equine tack that every horse enthusiast should own. Equip your horse with a right-fitting halter, and keep an assortment of leads handy, and you’ll be sure that you can take on virtually any situation.

When you’re in the saddle, you communicate with your horse using a bridle and reins. But when you’re on the ground, walking with your horse, halters and leads can't be matched.

Halters and leads are constructed from unique materials– rope, cotton, poly, nylon, and leather. The choice of material is often a matter of preference by the rider, but leather halters tend to also be more durable over time. During grooming, you might want to use a halter and lead of a softer material – for example, to avoid having water and other grooming chemical splash onto your expensive leather halter. If you plan on participating in shows and exhibitions, you’ll want a fancy show halter to complement your own riding outfit.

Pick out the perfect halter for you today!

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